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IMEI Registration in Tajikistan

Today, let’s discuss the latest news from Tajikistan, where innovative measures are being implemented to protect mobile phone owners. Let’s delve into what’s happening with IMEI code registration and how it impacts mobile network users.

IMEI and Security: How Does It Work?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique identification number assigned to each mobile device. Tajikistan has decided to register IMEI codes to create a national database and enhance protection against loss or theft of phones.

Disconnection for Unregistered Users

The Tajikistan Telecommunications Service has decided to disconnect mobile communication for those who have not registered their IMEI by the end of April of the current year. This measure aims to increase security and minimize cases of theft and illegal resale of phones.

Free Registration Until April 30th

Great news for users: until April 30th, IMEI code registration is automatic and free. This provides a unique opportunity for mobile device owners to ensure the security of their gadgets.

Additional Registration Options

In addition to the primary IMEI registration, users can check their phone’s status using the USSD command *3366# or by visiting the website. This allows them to promptly learn about the status of their device.

International Standards and Global Protection

The Deputy Head of the Tajikistan Telecommunications Service emphasized that IMEI registration complies with international security standards. This not only protects owners within the country but also enables the tracking of lost phones anywhere in the world.

Challenges and Prospects

This initiative not only contributes to security but also lays the foundation for more effective mobile communication management in the country. Registered IMEI codes allow the government to monitor the dynamics of mobile device usage and prevent illegal activities.

Tajikistan is once again keeping pace with technological innovations, providing mobile device owners with effective means of protection. IMEI code registration is a significant step towards improving security and ensuring user comfort.

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