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PayPal registration account for Tajiks

Paypal registration? Perhaps it’s not a secret for anyone that online payment is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the digital age, without which it was difficult to imagine the current popularity of such large giants of the Internet market as Alibaba, Amazon, etc.

But still, why in this article I decided to write instructions on the PayPal payment system, which I touched upon earlier in my article – “Digital Marketing in Tajikistan”.

Everything is simple to the point of banality – this is one of the most popular payment systems in the world, it is through it that you can pay for goods and services on almost all American Internet resources and not only.

What is PayPal registration?

PayPal is the most extensive debit electronic payment system. Allows customers to pay bills and purchases, and send + receive money transfers. Since October 2002, it has been a division of eBay. As of July 20, 2015, PayPal and eBay shares are sold separately on the market. In 2015, the spin-off company PayPal was valued higher on the stock market than its former parent company.

We will not delve into the retrospective, but simply, using a practical example, we will try to solve the problem of an imaginary character named Mahmud. Suppose Mahmoud decided to pay for the product he liked on

Amazon Eraj
Example of ordering on

First of all, Mahmoud visits the site, goes to the required heading and selects the desired product. In our case, these are Wireless Headphones (Skullcandy).

Амазон наушники
Product card (Skullcandy headphones)

Upon completion of the purchase, usually the client, in our case Mahmoud, goes to the payment page, in which payment systems are usually already integrated. We choose our option – PayPal, then you need to create an account …

Create a paypal account

To do this, go to b click on the signup button (registration).


PayPal registration

After that, a registration form comes out in which you must select an option for subsequent registration.

Please note that registration through a personal account is not available for citizens of Tajikistan, since Tajikistan is not included in the list of countries served by PayPal.

business account Paypal

PayPal Business Account offers a wide range of opportunities for small and medium businesses, below will be a list:

• Accept payments online

• Pay payments in stores

• Accept payments in marketplaces

• Collect donations online

• Get access to financial instruments

PayPal registration, filling out a business account registration form

In this section, when entering data, be guided by real information, in the future, if the information is entered incorrectly, it may affect the validity of your account.

форма заполнения paypal
 Sample form filling

By filling out the form, PayPal will open for you a few more pages on which it is desirable to enter reliable information about your company, by the number of employees who work for you. An exception may be if you use PayPal for purely personal purposes when paying for ordinary goods in online stores.

And so, in the end, if you did everything according to the instructions, upon successful completion of registration, you will be given access to the admin panel, from where you can monitor financial transactions and more …

Админ панель Paypal
Admin panel of PayPal

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