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Digital Marketing in Tajikistan

Marketing in Tajikistan as a whole, as well as at the global level, is shifting to digitalization, and this primarily affects the structures of the digital technologies segment: mobile operators, advertising and marketing agencies, as well as self-employed freelancers, etc.

According to statistics from the marketing agency wearesocial, today the number of users around the world is 4.66 billion (59.5% of the total population of the Earth), of which about 4.20 billion are active users of social networks.

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Undoubtedly, the audience is an important factor, users with access to broadband Internet with an integrated payment system, such as Google pay, create favorable conditions for the implementation of marketing tasks. After all, the main reason for the activity on the part of the business moving to digital is the sale of services and goods through channels that give more lead generations. The more leads, the more successful deals.

Digital Marketing Development Process in Tajikistan

Not so long ago, traditional offline advertising in Tajikistan occupied about 90% of all advertising activity, but today it is becoming more and more obvious that the growing role of digital advertising, just try to type in a search engine – you need a cmm specialist in Dushanbe.

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However, the digital marketing segment of Tajikistan is less rich in quality services of professional freelancers and advertising agencies, but the very fact of demand from business entities is paradoxical and is most likely due not to the popularization of the Internet at the global level, but corny due to the exponentially growing number of users. … The statistics are shown below in the photo …

wearesocial piechart

Based on the numbers, we can make a bold conclusion – the annual growth of 51.5% (+340 thousand users) gives a good perspective for the development of business in the Internet environment, and the factor of loyalty of domestic entrepreneurs in hiring digital specialists is based on numbers.

The picture, in my opinion, is complemented by one more significant points – this is the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan on the concept of the development of the digital economy, which, given a positive concurrence of the global conjuncture, will give a positive impetus to the development of digital marketing. But how feasible is the concept? Time will tell …

What will happen to the digital sphere in 5 years? Will there be a positive shift in favor of the development and increase in demand for digital advertising services? We will try to answer this and other questions in the next article …

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