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Ayoba or free SMS app

Ayoba or free SMS app – as is customary in the best traditions of Tajik marketing – I share another candy – this is a free SMS mailing service. Yes, yes, you heard right, you can safely replenish the database with customer numbers, since this service is completely free, and at the same time flexible. Let’s find out more about it in the article…

Ayoba or free SMS app

Ayoba prehistory

To begin with, I will tell you about where this service gained popularity and why it was created at all. Ayoba is an android application that was developed in Africa, as it says on the official website: Ayoba is a free application developed by Africans for Africans. I think given our political and economic. conjecture – we are far behind in the digital technology segment from African countries, to be more precise from South Africa, and of course – where it’s free, believe me, our small business will be ready to transform into an African small business.

Regional Availability

I will say right away that the service is not available for Tajikistan. You will not be able to find it in the playmarket due to the regional settings of the developer himself. As for the technical part, the application is written in java and works exclusively for subscribers of the multinational mobile operator MTN, you can find more details on the website

Download instructions

We proceed to the most important thing – to download. To download just click on the link – download Ayoba. On the phone, you must either have a pre-installed APK installer, if it is not there, you can download it from the play market, who are too lazy to look for a link to the APK installer – download the APK installer.

Below is a video guide to help you quickly navigate…

Ayoba Opportunities for Startups and Small Businesses

And so, concerning the practice of using this application, referring again to my experience, I will say that it is ideal if you have an already formed client base. If you do not have a client base, it does not matter, by following the link you can order a base from me by writing to my mail – or go to my store to view the finished bases.


Is the app free?

Yes, completely free. But when sending each message, there will be information about the application and a download link at the bottom.

Can I send an SMS to any country?

Yes, you can send it to absolutely any subscriber who uses android and is a subscriber that supports MTN technology.

Is there a limit for sending SMS?

Yes, the limit is set. You can send to no more than 200 subscribers at a time.

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